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Solar (PV) + (EV) Mobility Solution

Sub-100kW Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy with Electric Vehicle (EV) solution and without a stationary Energy Storage System (ESS) requirement.

A.  Request an Installation of a Residential Ground-Mounted up to < 13 kW Solar (Photovoltaic) Energy System

California Locations Only.


1.  An option total of 8, 12, 16, 24 or 48  modules or at 3.8 kW or 7.6kW ground-mounted solar energy system up to approximately 13 kW. 

2.  The distance from the residential structure of up to 300 feet from the point of connection.

3.  The alternatives would be traditional string, micro-inverter or DC converter/inverter solutions. If a traditional inverter is selected in a ground-mount and is on the building, other requirements may apply.

4.  The ground-mounted system must have 10 feet all around clear of brush and at least 3 feet from the property line. 

5.  For traditional inverter and DC converter/inverter solutions, the location for the inverter must be on the side of the home not located near or on a bedroom wall for acustic reasons as inverters typically make noise at sunrise and sunset as they are working. 

6.  If the location is in the backyard, then approximately 70% of the backyard must remain clear.  

7.  We suggest the installation of a fence around the ground-mounted array.  If there is a lock on the fence, then after the project a determination on whom will have the key to the gate. 

8.  The traditional inverter, micro-inverter or the inverter/converter system must not be installed within 36 inches of each side of the gas meter.  And must not install any electrical devices or equipment, including wires, cables, metering enclosures and telecommunications enclosures, bond wires, clamps or ground rods around the gas meter. 

9.  The soil type and location - on a hillside, parking area, back or front yard - should be evaluated for the consideration of a ground-mounted system including insolation and energy expectations.

In California, residential ground-mounts may be ideal along a hillside in a backyard with a ground slope angle azimuth to the south - without a rooftop retrofit. 

10. The residential ground mounted option would only be fixed tilt ground-mounted systems, because the ongoing cost and operation and maintenance of trackers.

11.  For the lattitude in California the design would be a fixed tilt multiple pole mount. 

B.  Request an Installation of a Commerical or Rual Area Ground-Mounted <100kW Solar (Photovoltaic) Energy System

California Locations Only.

No matter which coast you may be on, a ground-mounted solar energy systems should be considered as an option in both commerical and rual communities.

1. Consider a ground-mounted solar energy system your commerical and rual community. Look at the available area on the ground

2. You should consider a ground-mount as an option instead of impacting buildings with a roof retrofit.

3.  There is typically more power available using a larger area ground-mounted system in contrast to a rooftop to reduce your ongoing energy costs. 

4.  Simply more available area means more solar power. Increase your power with wiser smarter solutions. 

5.  Increased solar power results in more solar energy and a reduced energy bills. 

6.  If your installation is near a coast there are additional requirements and standards for modules and salt spray.

7.  A solar module manufacture may have limit on the elevation in mountain areas. Whether at the coast or a mountain top, the proper module should be used in the design and installation. . 

Simply, greater area = greater power = greater energy.